Welcome to the website of Galerie ES.

In 2007, we set up the gallery, initially organising exhibitions in a very informal manner.

“Es” is a befitting name for the gallery, as the character ‘s’ – pronounced “es” - traditionally refers to Greek contrapposto statues and gothic Madonnas. On the other hand the ash tree, which is called ‘es’ in Dutch and ‘fraxinus excelsior’ in Latin (excelsior meaning higher, better) used to be considered a holy tree and a symbol of life force and prudence. As Constant Nieuwenhuijs (a Dutch painter 1920-2005, better known as 'Constant', member of Cobra) said, art is “an institution for mental hygiene”.
Galerie Es wishes to exhibit works of art that fit with this view, regardless of trends and fashions and not limiting itself to any style, school or period.
Upon entering the gallery, please feel free to leave the seriousness and routine behind, at least for the duration of your visit…

Meanwhile, Galerie Es has built up a solid reputation.
Starting from November and until the end of March, you are welcome at our exhibitions featuring contemporary artists showing high-quality works of art in a variety of media: sculpture, graphic arts such as drawing, photography, paintings, but also ceramics, glass….
In the remaining months, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice and information or to visit the gallery on appointment.

Feel free to explore the gallery online.