Tjok Dessauvage *

Tjok Dessauvage (°1948 Belgium) was educated at Sint Lucas Academy, Ghent.
Dessauvage is without doubt a master of the ancient Terra Sigillata techniques.
All great civilizations have left us traces of their culture and their daily lives in the shape of pottery shards and (fragments of) designs on terracotta. Clay is a survivor…or as Tjok describes it: clay is the DNA of art.
His ceramic structures are closed entities. This characteristic of his work has become his trademark. A larger surface makes for a larger surface in which to carve and more opportunities to endow the object with richer symbolism.
Most of the time he starts from a combination of basic geometric shapes: the half sphere, the reversed cone and the cylinder, transforming them into a ceramic structure with unmistakable monumentality, spatial effect and impact. These sculptures are strongly present, both physically and in the minds of the spectators, who inevitably sense that there is an “inside” to this object, remaining hidden. Their impact is twofold: the effect of their shape and stature is enhanced by the effect of the content marked on the surface.
A large variety of subjects are dealt with in the markings on his ceramic structures: abstract lines symbolizing, for instance, energy, energy generation and energy control. To effectuate this he draws on classic goniometry, air photography, microstructures, etc…
This is how Tjok Dessauvage experiences the world and its inhabitants and processes this experience, hoping to extract from it and conjure up the soothing, contemplative essence of life.
Tjok Dessauvage’s work is world famous. He has won numerous prizes and his work has been exhibited all over the world.